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I completed my Associate's Degree at RVCC in 1998, after which I began working as a computer technician in the field. Since that time, I changed my focus from Computer Engineering to Computer Science.
Fall 1995
PHYS 101 General Physics A
ENGL 111 English I A
PHYS 120 Intro to Astronomy A
PHED 113 Beginner Tennis B
MATH 312 Unified Calculus II B
Spring 1996
ENGR 105 Intro to Engineering A
PHYS 150 Engineering Physics I A
CHEM 103 General Chemistry I A
PHIL 114 Professional & Business Ethics B
CISY 251 Fortran 77 A
MATH 313 Unified Calculus III A
Summer 1996
PHIL 101 Intro to Philosophy B
Fall 1996
ENGR 107 Engineering Graphics A
PHYS 151 Engineering Physics II A
ENGR 132 Engineering Mechanics I - Statics A
ECON 101 Economics I - Macroeconomics B
CISY 238 C Language A
MATH 314 Differential Equations A
Spring 1997
PHYS 250 Engineering Physics III B
ENGR 133 Engineering Mechanics II - Dynamics A
ENGR 111 Intro to Circuit Analysis B
ECON 102 Economics II - Microeconomics A
Fall 1997
CISY 254 Data Structures C
ENGL 112 English II A
CHEM 104 General Chemistry II B
Spring 1998
ENGR 113 Descriptive Geometry A