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NCS Technologies   [website]
Consultant, Sr Software Engineer (10/2002 - Present)

  • Sr Software Engineer / Workflow Team Lead - Piscataway, NJ (1/2008 - 6/2009, 12/2009 - Present)
    Lead a team of developers to build and successfully deliver an ordering workflow application using Vitria BusinessWare for a large telecom firm. Built a Spring-based workflow framework providing activity and task services, providing an architectural improvement on previous implementations. Developed external webservices using JAXB and Apache CXF. Enforced the use of interfaces as a means to divide work among team members.
  • Software Architect - Piscataway, NJ (7/2009 - 11/2009) - Architected, designed, and constructed a highly scalable and fault tolerant "service bus" for mobile devices. Written in Erlang for its ability to perform well under high volumes of messages. Utilized and extended OTP behaviors. Built queryable system logs with DETS tables.
  • Sr Software Engineer - Piscataway, NJ (1/2007 - 1/2008)
    Constructed web applications for several clients atop several open frameworks and technologies including Struts 1 & 2, JSP, JSF, AJAX, Portlets, Spring, JAXB, and Hibernate. Integrated AJAX-based chat/XMPP client into web application, employing JSON invocations against Struts actions. Constructed JSR-168 compliant portlets under JBoss & Liferay Portal. Developed web content management solution under Alfresco CMS using XML-based web forms and XSLT to generate content presentation. Coordinated and lead work with offshore team.
  • Sr Software Engineer / Consultant - New York, NY (7/2006 - 1/2007)
    For a major publishing firm, responsible for the support of a Struts-based Java web application backed by Cognos ReportNet and Oracle 10g. Responsibilities include the identification and resolution of system and performance issues. Resolutions may include code fixes, hardware or system configuration recommendations, and overseeing tasks delegated to others through to completion.
  • Software Developer / Consultant - Princeton, NJ (6/2005 - 7/2006)
    For a non-profit organization, responsible for the development and continuous maintenance of a electronic journal archiving system in J2EE and EMC Documentum. Procured high-level system architecture documentation and javadocs for all code written before I began.
  • Software Developer - Piscataway, NJ (10/2002 - 6/2005)
    Constructed and supported an ordering, verification, and provisioning system for a large telecom firm. Directed support issues to the responsible developer or took responsibility for the issues. Application relied on J2EE platform, Weblogic Application Server, Oracle 9i, Vitria BusinessWare, and Apache Tomcat. Communicated with external systems via SOAP WebServices.
  • Objix, Inc   [website]
    Owner - Flemington, NJ (2000-2004); Belle Mead, NJ (2004 - Present)

  • Software Engineer
    Develop websites for customers on the LAMP platform. Employed PHP versions 4.0 through 5.3, including use of namespaces. Developed online ordering / e-commerce integration with Verisign Payflow. Created web service interfaces with NuSOAP. Developed and employed self-written web framework ("Phorce") for MVC architecture, custom tags, XML binding, and object-relational mapping.
  • System Administrator
    Monitor server and account usage, maintain quotas, and setup new web hosting & mail accounts. Integrated SpamAssassin with mail system to identify and filter possible SPAM. Download sources for Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Sendmail as new versions are released and build custom RPMs for installation. Monitoring and maintenance scripts written using PHP CLI.
  • Mars, Inc (Information Services International)   [website]

  • Integration Architect - Mt Olive, NJ (7/2001 - 10/2002)
    Part of tier-3 expert team to architect and administer an organization-wide MQ Series "Hub" infrastructure on a variety of platforms. Worked closely with application teams to guide integration efforts through development, instruct in use of integration software, determine and enforce development standards and naming conventions, plan interface rollouts into production, and document procedures for global support center. Researched and documented support challenges on legacy platforms (OpenVMS, OS/390). Coordinated efforts in parallel with global counterparts. Extensive use of MQ Series Integrator, SAP Business Connector, Oracle 9i, and DataJunction. Constructed Unicode-aware XML Integration tools using PERL.
  • BusinessEdge Solutions   [website]
    Consultant (4/2000 - 7/2001)

  • Systems Integrator - Kansas City, MO (4/2000 - 8/2000); Alpharetta, GA (3/2001 - 5/2001)
    Responsible for OSS integration within telecom provisioning systems, traveling to out-of-state client sites for extended periods. Installed, integrated, and tested communication between MetaSolv TBS, DSET and Nightfire Gateways, Vitria BusinessWare, custom third-party connectors, and the local telco. Ensured secure EDI communication over Internet with external trading partners through the use of PGP and SSL encryption technologies. Administered NT and Solaris servers to support the integration environment. Documented system architecture and integration procedures for client. Involved extensive travel to client and vendor sites, including several months at Kansas City, Missouri; Denver, Colorado; and Alpharetta, Georgia to oversee implementation of the OSS architecture.
  • Java Developer - Edison, NJ (9/2000 - 2/2001); East Brunswick, NJ (5/2001 - 7/2001)
    For a series of connector integration projects involving MetaSolv TBS, DSET ezConnect Gateways, Quintessent TeleCommerce and Vitria BusinessWare. Extensive use of JDBC API under Oracle 8 and CORBA programming using Iona OrbixWeb. Produced administrator and user guides as co-deliverables for client.
  • AT&T   [website]

  • C Developer - Somerset, NJ (2/1999 - 4/2000)
    Initial 3-month training in software development, structured design, unit testing, and C language. Upon passing, was granted placement in organization as systems programmer. Performed maintenance and development on consumer long distance billing & journal system utilizing C, Oracle, and embedded SQL (Pro-C) to produce feeds for downstream billing systems. Also utilized HTML, JavaScript, and PERL to produce CGI generated web-based reports.
  • C.W. Electronic Services, Inc.   [website]

  • Systems Administrator Flemington, NJ (3/1998 - 6/1999)
    As sole administrator for a startup web host, implemented and managed the following services on a Red Hat Linux system: Apache Web Server, Bind DNS, Samba, DHCP, Sendmail, MySQL, and MS Frontpage Extensions. Installed additional Linux systems as proxies, firewalls and dial-out routers for a small-office network.
  • Datanomics, Inc.   [website]
    Consultant (Summers, 6/1996 - 8/1998)

  • Helpdesk / Tier 1 Support - Somerset, NJ (6/1996-8/1996, 6/1997-8/1997)
    At AT&T, supported a Help Desk communications team. LAN support for Win NT 3.5x, MS-DOS, Win 3.1, and SVR4 AT&T UNIX systems for over 500 desktops.
  • Desktop / Tier 2 Support - Piscataway, NJ (6/1998-8/1998)
    At PCC/Lucent, participated in Desktop Support team for two buildings with approximately 1000 Win 95 & NT 4.0 desktops.